Turkey 2006 - Eclipse stuff and holiday photos
In March and April 2006 the Ridleys travelled to Turkey ostensibly to view the 4 minute total eclipse of the sun on March 29th. In fact we used it as an excuse for a 3 week holiday. The eclipse was awesome, so awesome in fact we were far to busy watching it to record it. Riddler did set up his camcorder to record the drop in light levels but the tape ran out, nice effort! Click the picture below to see the photos of the whole trip.

Thankfully there were plenty of other serious astro photographers in the vacinity and I have since corresponded with an excellent photographer Gerald Wechselberger who also goes by the name of oldwexi. There are excellent pictures of the eclipse on his site


There are some pre eclipse resources here. .


Pictures from our three weeks in turkey. Im not that good at whittling so there are over 100.


This is a map of our route - Istanbul - Kutahya - Antalya - Side - Konya - Sultanhani - Goreme - Guzelyurt - Olympos - Oludeniz - Pamukkale - Pamucak - Troy - Eceabat - Istanbul.

Here are some statistics from the journey:

  • Kilometers driven - 3000
  • Kilometers driven on pot-holed roads - 2500
  • U-turns due to snow - 1
  • Number of Turkish drivers hitting our car - 1
  • Number of near misses - 250
  • Total eclipses seen 1