Voyage to "Riddler"

Now we have zoomed in to the small square of Lyra you clicked on the previous screen. We are now looking at just 3 degrees of the sky. "But there are even more stars than before" I hear you cry. The night sky is like that. There are thousands of stars in this picture and only a handfull of the brightest ones were on the last screen. You need a decent small telescope (6 inch diameter at least) to see this lot.

On this map the density of stars gradually increases towards the bottom left. This is the beginnings of the milky way, which is just off the bottom of this screen.

The good news is that "Riddler" is now visible, a tiny spec dead centre circled in red. No need to peer too hard at it yet, we're going closer.

Click in the middle green square (9th) of the image to zoom in again.