Voyage to "Riddler"

Whooooosh. That was quick, especially if you have broadband.

On the ships viewer is now the area of the sky that was surrounded by the green line on the last chart. This is the constellation of Lyra (and the very tip of Hercules). Vega is the 5th brightest star in the sky. On a clear night you can see pretty much all these stars with decent binoculars.

Those people who are really looking hard will also have spotted that this map is rotated about 90 degrees to the last one. On this map, (and all the subsequent ones), up is towards Polaris. On the last map Polaris was on the right.

Riddler is roughly in the position of the red crosshair but still invisible. Perhaps you are getting the picture that not only are there a lot of stars out there, but also Riddler is not the brightest one in the sky

Click inside the green square for the next jump.