Voyage to "Riddler"

When Riddler left his latest place of employment he recieved the best leaving present in the world, ever... A STAR!

Yes, there is now a star in the constallation of Lyra called "Riddler". So where is it and what does it look like.

The chart on the left shows where Lyra is in the night sky, relative to easy to find stuff like Ursa major (the Great Bear) and Cassiopeia. The red X indicates roughly where Riddler is, but sadly it is not visible on this scale.

This chart shows a large section of the night sky, the slightly lighter blob in the top third is the milky way (the edge on view of our galaxy). All the stars shown here are easily visible with the naked eye. Polaris (on the right) is the north star, always sits due north.

Click on the area outlined in green to make the first hyperspace leap towards "Riddler".