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Annular Eclipse Oct 2005

Familly photos

We set up camp on a mountain side, kitted out with Mylar glasses..

No expense was spared as I projected the image of the eclipse with our Nikon binoculars strapped to a camera tripod using a high tech piece of cardboard and some sticky tape. Taken at 10:15, 30 minutes into the eclipse.

This picture below was taken by Markus Burch of the Luzern Astronomical society. They had some better gear than us. See here. Thanks for the pictures Markus.

The classic pinholes effect

Evan with the image projected onto his hand. Taken at 10:40.

Alex with the image on her hand. By now it is getting cold and the light is fading.

Annular Eclipse at 11:00 precisely. Although the photo does not show it the light was quite like dusk.

Evan and the annular eclipse projected onto his eclipse book.

The kids watch the re-appearance of the sun as it gets warmer again.