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When she was born Alex was in intensive care for 2 weeks with Myconium Aspiration. She scared us all so much I can hardly remember how bad it was. She came through this with no permanent effects.

Alex suffered a stroke in Jan 2004 and lost the use of her left side. This is almost unheard of in a 2 year old. Because she is so young she has recovered extremely well. The video clips are from just a few weeks after her stroke . She started walking again after just 6 weeks.

Now she is three she has a slight lop-sidedness because of the stroke but it is only noticable if you know her well or watch her carefully. The combined efforts of half the medical experts in the south east have not found any cause for the stroke and dont expect it to recur.


Photos of Alex while in hospital.
The story of the first few days of her life
See Video of Alex playing using both arms

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